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Which Of These Two Kinds Of Tables Is More Suitable For Our Home Life?
Sep 29, 2018

The dining table is one of the essential furniture for every family decoration. The table can be divided into round table and square table from the appearance. Which of these two kinds of tables is more suitable for our home life? The opinion is vary from person to person.


The advantages and disadvantages of square dining table:

1. Square dining table is suitable for small apartment, can be placed against the wall, will not take up too much space.

2. Square dining table is more suitable for formal place, where pays attention to etiquette, highlights noble elegance. There is a clear distinction between every seat, which makes people feel more serious.

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The advantages of choosing a round table:

1. From the moral point of view, the round table represents reunion and meets the Chinese tradition.

2. It's more awkward to use long tables when you only have four or five people. Several dishes are placed in the middle, and the people on both sides can hardly get them. They can only eat a few of them. This may be the great disadvantage of the long table, but the round table is different. All the dishes can be caught.

3. Round table without edges and corners, can avoid children bumping.


According to some Internet and Furniture City response data, up to 70% of consumers still prefer to buy square tables, so friends who buy round tables at home are puzzled. It is obvious that round tables are safer. And in traditional Chinese culture, round tables represent happiness and reunion. Why do people choose round tables less? In fact, this is related to the structure of their house. The usual apartment type, a family is only a few tens of square meters of area. It is too waste space if they put a round table in their house. Therefore, this is the reason why the square table is popular. The square table can make full use of some edges and corners, and make full use of the space of the small apartment to play a greater advantage. In addition, the usual type of apartment population is usually 3-5 people, usually a small table in the home has been enough.


How to choose? I suggest that you think about it from two aspects.

1. Look at the structural type of dining room.

Restaurant type is rectangular can choose square table, if the restaurant area is larger, or square can choose round table; round table and square table combined into one can also be used.

2.How many people eat at home.

You can choose dining table according to the population. If you have fewer people, you can choose a square table. Suppose there are guests and relatives to come to dinner, you can choose the square table folder, just unfold it can become a round table.