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What's The Differences Between Tempered Glass And Ordinary Glass
Aug 24, 2018

Tempered glass is widely used in modern furniture like coffee tableside tabledining table, etc.However,what’s the differences between tempered glass and ordinary glass?

What's the differences between tempered glass and ordinary glass.png

1. The strength of tempered glass is several times higher than ordinary glass. The bending strength is 3 to 5 times of ordinary glass, and the impact strength is 5 to 10 times of it.Not only the strength but also the safety is improved.

2. Tempered glass has high safety performance.The increase of bearing capacity lessen its fragility.Even if the tempered glass is broken, it will become fragments without sharp angles.Therefore,the damage to the human body is greatly reduced. Generally,it can withstand temperature changes above 150LC, which is 2~3 times of the ordinary and has obvious effects on preventing thermal cracking.

How do we distinguish between tempered glass and ordinary glass in daily life?

1. Tempered glass have edging, chamfering and 3C mark,while the ordinary glass is the opposite.

2. Tempered glass is visually different from ordinary glass. Look at the glass under the sun, the tempered glass is misty while the ordinary glass is transparent.Through the polarizing plate,  You can see colored stripes on the edge of tempered glass,black and white spots will be seen in the surface layer of the ordinary glass.

3. Carefully observe the edge of the glass. Generally, the tempered glass has no small gap. Even if it has, it feels smoother.On the contrary,ordinary glass tends to have small sharp gap.

4.knocking the glass with a finger joint, the tempered glass sounds crisp and the other sounds dull.

5. The fragments of tempered glass are uniform small particles without sharp angles.When the ordinary glass is broken, it will turn into small knife shape particles. This is one of the main differences between tempered glass and ordinary glass. However,it is unrealistic to adopt such destructive tests.