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What Kind Of Furniture Will Be The Choice Of The Elderly
Sep 12, 2018

Do you know what kind of furniture the elderly like? If you are not very sure, this article may give you some hints.


Simple, safe and comfortable furniture

As people growing old, their body coordination ability will gradually decline. According to the old’s physical condition, the furniture suitable for their is also derived. In general, furniture with stability can better avoid accidents such as bumps and abrasions, and it can also provide a sense of security for them.



Stable Structure furniture

Stable structure furniture is also appreciated by the elderly. The lightweight furniture may the old man to fall down when holding the furniture. The height of the chair or sofa too high or too low, will make it difficult for the elderly to sit up.


Therefore, the elderly prefer furniture that is well-defined for their characteristics in terms of material selection, size and function, so as to ensure that it’s safe and convenient to use.


Wood, bamboo, rattan and other natural materials furniture

Health is always the most concerned issue for the elderly. Therefore, the elderly prefer environmentally friendly furniture made by natural materials such as wood, bamboo and rattan. Furnishing their home with these generally light materials, reflecting a simple, casual, cool and elegant style.


Reusable accessory furniture

Hand shake is a common problem in the elderly population. Hand shake will cause the elderly to inadvertently sprinkle water such as tea and soup on the dining table while eating.

Therefore, the elderly always prefer the furniture accessories that can be reused. It is best to have waterproof, washable and other functions, which can be used for a long time.


Simple color furniture

It is understood that those low-purity, low-light, and harmonious colors can create a quiet, comfortable and elegant living atmosphere. Usually, the elderly prefer the simple color furniture.