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What Furniture Is Used To Decorate The Coffee Shop More Distinctive
Oct 12, 2018

In cafes, the most interesting thing is to get a glimpse of people's behavior patterns and lifestyles. In the many cafes in Paris, people sit on chairs and sofas from different styles, writing, dazing, communicating, sharing, and even couples kissing here. The waiter would rather go off work than destroy this good.

1.  There are books, coffee, and your own good time, which is "read" cafe. Of course, there are indispensable books here. The walls of the store are full of various books, giving people less peace and quiet.

People sit in a simple, elegant and comfortable Nordic-style chair, drink a cup of rich American coffee, and enjoy a moment of leisure by the aroma of coffee, at least in the moment of holding a warm coffee cup, the heart is quiet.


2.  “Home” coffee shop, the size of the shop is small, the color is mainly light, choose a living room sofa from the soft and rustic gauze from the Swedish designer Gordon-Guillaumier. Every object is so reasonable. The host invited a few good friends on the weekend, accompanied by the afternoon sun, rushed a few cups of hand-made coffee, sitting on the simple and elegant light-colored soft living room sofa, so the time is so comfortable.

Coffee shops need special home decorations to tell people about the different styles of coffee culture.