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Tips For Daily Care Of Your Glass Coffee Table
Sep 07, 2018

Coffee table is a considerable living room furniture. Mainly for the placement of teacups, fruits, fruit knives, ashtrays, flowers, etc. If your living room is not large, the small coffee table is a good choice. The soft shape makes the space tend to more relaxed and not cramped.


The coffee table should not be too large in size, the color should not be too deep. The stylish one is the best choice in a small space. At the same time, the storage function is very significant, double layer coffee table like the Round Metal Coffee Table Rose Gold-hued Finish is prominent among all the coffee table. Nesting coffee table set like the Living Room Modern Glass Coffee Table Set can also enhancing your style in your little space.


Glass coffee table is simple, fashionable, easy to clean and not so expensive. But of course, the glass surface is easy to scratch. So please be sure that you got an tempered glass table instead of the ordinary one.


The characteristics of glass determine that it can be applied in a variety of processing methods to form a rich shape. The main raw materials for glass production are glass forming bodies, glass adjusting materials and glass intermediates, and the rest are auxiliary materials. The main raw materials refer to oxides, intermediate oxides and extra-network oxides introduced into the glass forming net work. Auxiliary materials include clarifying agents, fluxing agents, opacifying agents, coloring agents, decolorizing agents, oxidizing agents and reducing agents.


Here, Jvens furniture will share some daily tips of maintain your glass coffee table.The method can also apply to glass dining table and other glass furniture.


1.The placement of glass coffee table must avoid moisture, keep away from the stove, and isolate from chemical reagents such as acid and alkali to prevent corrosion and deterioration.


2.Daily cleaning can be done with a wet towel or newspaper. If the stain need to be cleaned with soapy water and detergent, please avoid using a strong acid and alkaline cleaner such as hydrochloric acid, organic solvents such as gasoline or alcohol can be used. It is best to use the glass cleaning agent on the market and wipe it gently.


3.Do not force the glass surface with hard or sharp object. To prevent the glass surface, it is best to use a tablecloth.


4.Glass coffee table should be placed in a fixed place. Do not move it back and forth at will. When placing things, it should be handled gently, avoid collision, and it is better to lift it up when moving.


5.When cleaning the dirt on the glass coffee table, organic solvents such as gasoline or alcohol can be used. It is best to use the glass cleaning agent on the market and wipe it gently.