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Tips For Choosing Fabric Sofa
Oct 13, 2018

The sofa style meets the decoration style

Before choosing a sofa, you need to make a detailed budget first to see how much you can spend on the sofa.  Any sofa should be adapted to the style of its own decoration. Only with proper matching can it be matched to achieve perfect decoration effect. Generally choose the family of fabric sofas, the decoration style is modern and simple, it looks more fashionable. Modern minimalism is the choice of most families today.

First, Put the gold principle, suitable for more comfortable.

If a good set of sofas is unreasonable, then it will become less practical after being beautiful. Only before the purchase can be combined with the actual situation of the living room to fully display the beauty of the sofa and make the most use of it.

Second, the color should be coordinated with the living room area.

If your homes living room is spacious and well lit, you may want to choose bright colors such as large flowers, red, green, squares, etc., which will look graceful.

If the living room is small, you can choose a fabric with small patterns and bright colors. The living room of the SOHO family can be considered as a sofa bed with a sitting function.

Third, the color should be coordinated with the overall color of the living room.

The color of the sofa is in contrast to the color of the living room decoration, which means that it should be coordinated with the overall color of the living room. If the color of the living room is darker, choose a bright colored sofa, such as white, light green, sky blue, orange, to break the dullness of the entire room. If the floor and wall are lighter, the color of the sofa should be darker, so you can choose gray, walnut, black, and so on.

Forth, the color should be coordinated with the color of the matching furniture.

The color and materials of the sofa should be consistent with other furniture in the living room. If the TV cabinet and the coffee table are intended to use walnut color, the color of the sofa is preferably the same color or near-matching color, and the armrest and the sofa bracket are preferably walnut; if the other furniture in the living room is metal or glass structure The sofa armrests and brackets are also preferably metal, and the color of the sofa can be deep or shallow.


The fabric is comfortable and durable

After choosing sofas style, the first thing we need to do is the detail of sofas. What kind of sofa is a good workmanship? First of all, the overall line of the sofa is smooth, the cloth cover is compact and smooth, it will not be loose, the seams are neatly sewed, the lines are straight. When we confirm that there is no problem with this, we have to consider what fabrics are made of sofas, whether they are made in China or imported.

Generally, cotton and linen fabrics are made in China, because China's textile industry is the best in the world, but the flannel is different, because the process of flannel is different from woven linen or cotton. The flannel is like planting trees. If the glue is not used properly while planting, it will be easy to fall down. Some people say that the flannel is easy to fall because the flannel they bought is not very good. Secondly, the flannel coloring is more difficult, the high-grade flannel generally does not fade, and the high-grade fabrics generally use jacquard technology instead of printing. The jacquard process is the same as the embroidery, but the printing is printed with the pigment, which is easier to fade.

If the sofa fabric you choose is cotton and linen, feeling thick while touching is perfect. If it is flannel, the higher the density of the velvet, the better. It is easy to distinguish the high-grade flannel from a low-grade flannel.


The frame is firm and stable, the angle is reasonable

When there is no problem with the fabric and the filling, we have to look at the frame of the sofa at this time. The frame of the high-grade fabric sofa is the main frame of the solid wood, and the wood of the wooden frame is relatively large. Checking the wooden frame , mainly looking at the place where the wood is spliced, there is no gap, the wood material is strong, the gun nails are not exposed. How about the frame polishing. How is the gloss of the serpentine spring, thick and not thick, how about the quality of the horse or glue strip between the spring and the wooden frame, whether there is a positioning wire, whether there is an Oxford rubber net and so on. Check the framework mainly to see the details.

The frame of the general sofa is made of solid wood frame, mostly birch. This kind of wood has high strength, high density and large bearing capacity. In addition, if necessary, ask the salesperson open the base cabinet to see. The wood should be smooth, without bark, breakage, insects, smashing, etc., and requires horizontal and vertical, without circular curvature.

In terms of sitting, it should be felt that the internal filling is flat and full, and there is no crease at the seams. The patterns of the mosaic and the lattice should be spliced. In addition, it is also possible to lift a corner of the sofa, and if the remaining triangles are also lifted up, the overall structure is relatively stable. If the other horns do not move, there is something wrong with their structure.