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Three Types of Accent Chair Highly Recommended
Sep 18, 2018

Accent chairs add variety and flair to your living areas, and supply extra seating when needed. Styles range from simple to luxurious. A well-placed accent chair draws the eye and inspires creative tension in a way that enhances a room's overall decor. If a room has mostly straight lines, then a single chair with rounded edges, like a club chair or chaise lounge, can add contrast and energy. Consider a stuffed armchair with a wood frame to complement a traditional decor theme. Many modern accent chairs have flowing metal frames well suited to contemporary decor schemes. The role of the accent chair is to indulge your personal taste and tell visitors a non-verbal story that inspires conversation. 

Jvens Armchair.jpg

1.Club chair:

The classic club chair lives on as an ideal place to read and relax at home. Designed with high arms and a low back, club chairs are traditionally finished in luxurious, eye-catching leather. They’re a great way to add an old-world accent to a family room or den. The club chair’s relatively small footprint makes it suitable for purchasing in pairs for placement on either side of a coffee table. Modern club chairs feature overstuffed cushions and printed fabrics. When combined with an ottoman, a club chair can be just as comfortable as a recliner while occupying less space.

2.Chaise Lounge:

There are two basic types of chaise lounges: couch style and lounge chair style. Couch style chaise lounges have flat sitting surfaces and often feature stylized backs and armrests. This model of chaise lounge often has a wood frame and is well appointed with turned legs and leather upholstery. Chair style models resemble reclining beds and typically have a contoured sitting surface to elevate the knees for added comfort. An overstuffed chair style chaise lounge with a synthetic cover can be an upholstered playground for your children, or a soft landing spot for you and your significant other after a long day.


Any chair with armrests qualifies as an armchair, and your selection is practically endless. The type of armrest distinguishes one armchair style from another and provides a strong hint as to how the chair is best used. Overstuffed, rolled armrests offer generous arm support for passive relaxation. Wider, square-top armrests provide a flat surface on which to rest a coffee mug, serving dish or remote control. Square-back easy chairs generally offer the widest armrests.Armchairs with bent wood, metal or tubular steel armrests are true accent pieces that emphasize style over comfort.