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The Maintenance for Wood Furniture in Different Seasons
Sep 05, 2018

Wood furniture follows the natural attributes of “wet up and dry down”, which means that the wood will deform, shrink or crack due to changes of moisture content it contains. Therefore, the maintenance of furniture is to solve the fundamental problem of the material's moisture content. There are different ways of maintenance for people in different seasons, so do the wood furniture.



Maintenance in Spring

1. If there is something dirt on the wooden furniture surface, use a clean and moist cotton cloth to wipe it. Do not wipe it with a too dry or too wet cloth.

2. Avoid being exposed to the sunlight all time. In the end of May, use the soft cotton cloth to wipe in a moderate speed and strength.

3. It's humid in the southern spring and summer rainy days. You can open the windows to keep the air flowing once it's sunny. And you can put the hygroscopic box and dehumidification bag indoors, or use the air conditioner to dehumidify. All those ways can prevent the wooden furniture from being deformed by moisture.


Maintenance in Summer

1. Wipe the surface periodically, avoid too much sunlight exposure and strong air conditioning.

2. Always check for the presence of insects and promptly handle them.

3. There are two ways to handle with the insects inside your wood furniture: 1 use a needle to inject drugs into the holes. 2 Put the sawdust in the holes to block the insects. Then seal the holes with the plastic film for at least three days.


Maintenance in Autumn

1. In autumn, check whether the joints of the wood furniture are cracked or not. If so, repair them in time. Be attention to the wooden chairs joints, since it will be insecure if any crack.

2. Don't let the exposed to too much strong wind for a long time.

3. Frequently dusting of furniture. Dust clear steps: 1. use a duster to remove the dust; 2. wipe the dust with a cotton cloth. Be sure to use 100% cotton cloth, in case that the hard cloth may scratch the furniture.

4. Autumn maintenance should be diligent. You should usually wiped the furniture with cotton cloth, and wipe them speedy so that the furniture can be rubbed with heat and stay in good condition.


Maintenance in Winter

1. Check the looseness of the copper decoration (usually on dining tables or chairs) before the winter is coming.

2. It's better not to keep your wood furniture beyond the temperature of 18 degrees in winter. Otherwise the furniture is easy to shrink and crack.

3. The winter's dry and cold air will make the wood furniture crack easily. You can use a humidifier or put a basin of water on the heater to increase the humidity indoors.

4. Be sure to pay attention to dust clearance, since dust will absorb the moisture of the furniture. Gently clear with a cloth, especially the side near the wall