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The Hong Kong’s Home Furnishing Style
Oct 10, 2018

Hong Kong-style homes furnishing is one of the most popular style of Chinese family home decoration. The general style of Hong Kong style interior design is dominated by modernism. The metallic color and simple atmospheric lines create a luxurious sense of luxury, simple yet stylish. The restrained cool tones are most preferred to be used, which need to be decorated with gentle decorations to coordinate with the coolness, highlighting the warmth of the entire room. Today, let's take a closer look at Hong Kong style furniture.



Hong Kong style furniture style classification

Hong Kong style home decoration is simple and practical. At present, the Hong Kong-style home furnishing is generally divided into four types: modern Hong Kong style, nostalgic Hong Kong style, British Hong Kong style and rural Hong Kong style.


Modern Hong Kong style

Modern Hong Kong style homes pursue practicality and the individuality and exquisiteness of modern society. So they are transparent and atmospheric in their decoration space. For example, modern Hong Kong-style homes prefer to put the living room and restaurant in a pattern and increase the whole room. The sense of vision, the decoration also requires simple and refined, tempered glass is the more commonly used material in modern Hong Kong style home. You can always see a glass coffee table or dining table in the house.


Nostalgic Hong Kong style

The nostalgic Hong Kong-style home pursues classical and cultural heritage. The decoration incorporates the traditional Chinese elements. The lines are simple and tough, and the dark colors are used to create a classical atmosphere with restrained simplicity, graceful atmosphere and years of precipitation. Generally, such a nostalgic Hong Kong style is favored by some successful people who demand high quality life.


British Hong Kong style

The British Hong Kong style home pursues an elegant and elegant atmosphere. The decoration will blend traditional Hong Kong decoration elements with British fashion elements. The typical decoration design is a large light pool with a living room ceiling and a window with semi-circular edges. Art-filled Roman curtains and oil paintings. The whole decoration emphasizes the gorgeous feeling, the color is also used more vigorously, but the elegance is the keynote throughout the decoration.


Rustic port style

The country-style style home style pursues the natural harmony, simple and bright rural life conception. In the furnishings, it will not pay attention to the complicated decorations. The color is mainly based on the elegant and soft light color, which is comfortable and pleasant. Arched glass windows, log furniture, and cotton fabrics are indispensable elements of a rural Hong Kong style home, giving an unfettered, free-spirited sense of life.