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The Beauty Of Round Furniture Design
Sep 19, 2018

Chinese people have special preference for "round and full" since ancient times. The designers who are dedicated to the aesthetics of Chinese classical life have created a "Chinese circle" with a beautiful meaning in a unique way. It represents both the beauty of traditional design and people's expectations for the happy life.


The circle is recognized as the most perfect geometry in the world and is one of the most common patterns in art. When combined with the furniture design, the abstract "circle" converts into a concrete shape "circle", and it has a beauty of grinding away the edges and corners. In the home where friends and family gather together, the soft lines of the "circle" can make people feel warm for the whole space, and it is an icing on the cake.



The beauty of the round table

The round table is a master of the harmony meaning and is quite common in traditional Chinese furniture. The traditional Chinese round table adopts a unique enamel structure. It is made through the procedures like selecting materials, blanking, hoeing, chiseling, watering, sanding, smashing, checking the smash, grinding and oiling. It is the favorite choice for Chinese solid wood furniture lovers.

In the modern simple design homes, the round table with modern design aesthetics interprets the beauty in a more concise line language.


Sit Around

The line beauty of the round chairs can be presented in a variety of designs, and the different materials can display different layout styles. Solid wood seats provide a natural feel to the interior, while soft cushions exude a smooth feel from the inside out. Solid wood with cotton and linen is a popular trend in current furniture design.


Romantic Round Bed

A bed serves as the place to rest. When it's in a round design, the bed becomes the symbol of love and romance, bringing warmth and sweetness to the home.


Combination of Square and Circle

The square shape is often regarded as a synonymous of standard rules and limitation in China's traditional culture, while the circle shape is the symbol of flexibility and endless end. The merging of square and circle creates the rationality and sensibility of design. Their combination explains the oriental beauty to a large extent. And it can also be matched with Western popular elements, elegantly interpreting when the culture of the East meets the West.


The circle represents tolerance and harmony. Whether it is combined with the traditional craftsmanship or the simple design, it can blend the atmosphere of warmth and elegance.