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What kind of home style does Taurus people like?
Oct 22, 2018

Taurus, the practitioner of "quality consumption, good life" How do they choose furniture to decorate their home, a kind of stable life that is always happy and flatter. Taurus, born between April 21st and May 21st, are conservative constellations. They don't like change, and stability is their attitude to life. In the choice of furniture, Taurus will like to choose some styles that are simple in design, but require good quality and comfortable furniture.


When choosing furniture, Taurus will choose some styles that are simple in design but require high quality and comfortable furniture. When they see this stylish metal spiral dining chair, they are very sensitive to beauty, art and enjoyment. They will not miss this opportunity to observe it from beginning to end. Golden spiral stainless steel legs artistic and stable, comfortable solid color fabric cushions create a unique living space.


As the pace of life accelerates, many young couples like the Taurus or single aristocrats want to modernize their homes, be a bit more artistic, and be more concise. However, the more fashionable things, the more difficult it is to grasp the overall effect. Therefore, as a Taurus, you must have a certain understanding of the elements of the design of the living room and the way of organizing the space in order to create a truly modern minimalist living room.


1. Less is more decorative principles

No matter how big the room, be sure to seem spacious. Modern minimalism, especially for small space small apartment or condo. No need for cumbersome decoration and excessive furniture, the decoration and arrangement maximize the overall coordination of space and furniture. Geometry is used in modeling, which is the modern minimalist fashion style.


2. Personalized space for color jump

Don't have too many colors in your home, it's a match. Too much color will only make the space feel messy. Pure white and yellow, just a good match, simple and not deep, so that the modern space is not just the existence of black and white.


3. Simple, practical and versatile space

Modern style homes pay attention to functions and space organization, and the furniture and accessories are simple in shape, and they advocate maximizing the use efficiency in a limited space. The sofa can be a living room or a leisure area, a dining chair or an office area, a study room or a tea room, and the modernization of the space to the maximum extent, which is in line with the fast-paced lifestyle of modern people.


4. Material selection

Modernism is no longer limited to natural materials such as stone, wood, and tiles, but extends the choice to metals, paints, glass, and other materials. Color and material texture also have a close relationship: various materials have specific color, luster, thickness, cold and warmth and texture and other attributes, which will give people a different visual experience.


5. Just the right soft outfit

Due to the simple lines and few decorative elements, modern style furniture requires a simple and beautiful soft fit to show the beauty of the space.


Sofas, chairs, tables, coffee tables and other furniture play a major role in the entire home decoration. The decoration of furniture and the elements of the design of the room and the use of spatial organization create different home styles.