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Space Saving Table And Chairs
Jul 07, 2018


Eating together is one of the best things you can do, whether it's as a family or a dinner party with your friends. Some people eat in their kitchen, while others have a separate dining room or perhaps an open-plan space. If you don't have a lot of space to use, finding the right table and chairs can be hard. You need enough space for everyone at the table, without having to squeeze in. A space-saving table and chairs make things easier and give you more flexibility. You can save space by getting an extending table, or a table and chairs set that allows you to tuck your chairs underneath it. Here are some of our top ideas for saving space in your dining room or kitchen-diner.

Extending Dining Tables

An extending dining table is ideal if the number of people at your table varies. Maybe it's just four of you for most of the week, but everyone comes around for Sunday lunch. Or perhaps you like to host dinner parties now and then and you need space for all your friends. An extending table folds out, usually with an extra leaf or two in the middle, to make your table bigger whenever you need it. But because you can fold it away, it doesn't have to take up so much space all the time. Try our glass, wooden or even structured concrete tables.

Compact Table and Chair Combinations

Another great way to save space, but this time when you're not sitting at the table, is to choose a matching table and chair set. Some sets are designed to save you as much space as possible by having chairs you can easily tuck right under the table. Take for example our Gloucester Glass Dining Set, which has four square stools that fit perfectly under the glass table. Or how about the Cannes extendable table, which comes with six chairs that fit right under it.

Dining Benches

If you're thinking about how to save space with your seating, a dining bench is a great idea. Instead of having separate chairs, which can take up a lot of space, a bench gives you plenty of room for several people but is space-saving at the same time. They're also an excellent choice for more sociable eating. We have some beautiful dining benches in leather or soft fabric, as well as wooden benches. You can have anything for sumptuous style and comfort to a more rustic feel.

Stacking and Folding

Another way to save space with your seating is to choose stacking and folding chairs. You don't always need to use all your chairs, just like you don't always need the full length of your extendable table. But if you want all your chairs to match, you don't want to add any that you can find around the house. Choose dining chairs that are easy to fold or stack so you can put them away when you don't need them. Whether you have a small family or you love throwing huge dinner parties, you can make the most of your dining space with the right table and chairs.