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Something About The Metal Frame Of Furniture
Jun 12, 2018

Furniture frames come in many shapes, sizes and styles. The most popular metal furniture frames are chrome, stainless steel and aluminum. Each metal has its own distinct benefits and features that can be utilized to fit various needs.


● Chrome


Unfortunately chrome is often overlooked because many think that it is an ordinary finish. However, chrome has a certain amount of chromium in the coating and also other metals such as steel.


Did you know that in a strength test chrome passes with flying colors? Even though chrome layers are thin, the metal is extremely durable. In addition, chrome can withstand extreme temperatures and does not oxidize or corrode. And because chrome remains beautiful, it is the ideal choice for outdoor furniture.


Chrome finish is also an excellent choice for metal furniture design. Compared to stainless steel, it is shinier and more reflective. And with the latest sheen and streamline look, chrome is a designers dream. As well, chrome is by far more cost effective.


● Stainless Steel


When it comes to furniture legs, stainless steel is the most popular on the market. In fact, many people find other metals quite inferior. Its sleek and luminous metallic finish complements most decors and blends well with other textures like wood or upholstery.



Not only is stainless steel aesthetically pleasing but it does not discolor or fade over time. In addition, stainless steel is rust proof and stain-resistant. Moreover, this amazing metal is extremely durable and easy to maintain. It can be wiped down with a damp cloth and also protected with a cleaner to sustain its sleek, smooth and shiny surface.


● Aluminum



Compared to stainless steel and chrome, aluminum is by far a more cost effective solution. So if you are on a budget, aluminum furniture legs might be a good option. Although it may not be as durable as other metals, aluminum has many benefits. For one, it is exceptionally lightweight and does not add cumbersome weight to a piece of furniture. Also, aluminum is rust-free and will last many years. Aluminum furniture legs are ideal for outdoor furniture or certain chairs like for a card table.