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Something About Modern Sofa
Aug 30, 2018

Modern sofas are divided into leather sofas and fabric sofas. The inner frames of leather art sofas and fabric sofas are roughly the same, except that the outer fabrics are different. The leather art sofas are made of animal skins and processed into sofas. The surface of the fabric is made of cloth and is processed by art to meet the needs of the public.

modern sofa.jpg


Modern is a popular style, pursuing fashion and fashion, and pays great attention to the perfect combination of layout and use of living space. Most of our indoor fabric sofas and soft beds are industrial products produced by factories. However, it is not that the combination of household items created by machines forms a modern style. It can be called a style that must be an art trend.



Suitable for large, medium and small private living rooms, study, office (depending on the different styles of the living room to choose different styles).

Material structure

The inner frame of the sofa is a key structure for the shape and comfort of the sofa and the firmness of the sofa. From the selection of materials to the production of the inner frame, the design is strictly in accordance with professional design techniques and industry standards.

Inner frame wood: The inner frame wood is primarily made of high-grade hardwood (such as birch); all woods are baked at a high temperature of about 500 degrees, and the water content is 8-12%, fully compatible with China and Exported. standard.

Side panels: all are bound with 15mm thick splints.