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Six Strokes to Easily Remove New Furniture Odor
Aug 30, 2018

The new bought furniture always comes with a strong smell of paint, raw wood material, and harmful formaldehyde. Here are six strokes for you to remove the odor of the new furniture.  




Pour the boiling tea with tea leaves into the plastic kegs, then put them into your new furnished room. And keep adding some hot water to the kegs when it’s cold. In this way, the odor can be removed to a large extent. Better still, the boiled tea leaves are good at absorbing odor. All you need to do is drying up the tea leaves and put them into furniture like wardrobes and nightstand.



Place the heated white vinegar in the corner of your room. The heating process is to increase the vinegar’s volatilization speed, so that the vinegar’s scent can instantly fill the room. Better still, vinegar can not only remove the odor, but also sterilize the air.


Salt Water

Salt water is also a good deodorant. You just need to put two bowls of cold salt water in the room for one or two days, then the paint smell in your house can be effectively removed.


Green Plants

Green plants such as spider plant, Wenzhu, Clivia, Evergreen, cactus, monstera, and ivy can absorb poisonous gas. You can put some green plants on the shelves, living room end tables or dining tables. In addition, large plants such as Ping An tree and Eucalyptus, which are popular on the market, can release a fresh gas that makes people feel comfortable. Planting some near your house is also a good choice.


Physical Absorption

Activated carbon and HEPA are known as the most popular physical absorption choices. However, their absorbing effect is temporarily and can only remove some certain pollutants. When the indoor temperature gets high and wind speed increase to a certain speed, those pollutants will be released again, which will cause the secondary pollution. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the physical absorbent materials regularly.



Ventilation is the most common and direct method of deodorization. And it is also the most effective and economical way to eliminate indoor pollution. All you need do is opening doors and windows, or the drawer of your sideboard to let the air to circulate naturally.