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Nordic Style Furniture Of Stylish Home
Oct 22, 2018

Nordic-style furniture, let everyone feel the fashion, the atmosphere of the home, the first sight will like it.


What we are seeing now is the living room. The main color of the room is white and yellow. There are 3 sets of suede fabric living room sofas in the middle of the living room. The sofa is in a dark brown style with a stainless steel base that makes it look gorgeous, noble, warm and artistic.


Hanging in the middle is a gorgeous crystal lamp, the whole house is made of wood-colored wooden floor. The carpet on the wooden board is black and white, giving an elegant complex taste, making the art of the whole space very rich.


The coffee table is made up of two small triangular coffee tables of Alec. The coffee table can accommodate a very large space. Usually, some paper towels can be placed. Snacks and other small items are very practical.


Above we can conclude that the Nordic style has the following:


1. On the ceiling of the ceiling, I like to use crystal chandeliers or novelty lamps to make the overall space atmosphere.


2. Soft fitted furniture - North European living room also pays special attention to the choice of furniture soft decoration, so that the indoor effect is more prominent, and it is good at using dark furniture.


3. Color application - The most commonly used colors in European style are mainly gold and silver, giving an elegant and retro taste. Through some elaborate crafts, the space is very gorgeous.


4. Material selection - The European-style design of the living room generally adopts a high-profile design. This type of space can use a large area of glass windows. In order to increase the sense of light in the room, the floor curtain can be used to give a luxurious feeling. Wall decoration is more than choice of wallpaper or latex paint, the ground decoration is based on natural stone, highlighting the overall gorgeous atmosphere.