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Knowledge Of Sofa Construction And Material (2)
Sep 21, 2018

The sitting feeling and service life have a quite connection with the filling. Generally, the filling is sponge. The higher the density, the better the rebound. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the recycling sponge, which some small factories might use it to save cost. The best filling is down.The ordinary one is high density foam. Cotton figurine is cheapest which is also comfortable but not easy to recover after a long time.



Sofa leather

Leather sofa can be divided into genuine leather sofa and PU leather sofa. Genuine leather can be divided into yellow cowhide and buffalo leather. According to the amount of layer, It can be divided into grain leather and split leather. According to the origin, it can be divided into domestic skin and imported skin. The imported leather is the best quality in yellow cowhide, With its environmental-friendly feature, high color fastness, good elasticity, breathability and high mechanical strength, especially high tear strength and tensile strength, yellow cowhide is the best imported leather.


Under normal circumstances, the cushion padding of fabric sofas and leather sofa on the market should be high resilience sponges of 30 kg/m3 or more. In the form, most of them are filled with a whole sponge.

Sofa filling

There are three main types of sofa filling.

Soft polyurethane foam (commonly known as sponge): The sponge used for sofa filling is mainly divided into three categories. The conventional sponge is made of conventional polyether and TDI. It is characterized by good resilience, softness and breathability. The high resilience sponge is a sponge made of active polyphosphorus and TDI. It has excellent mechanical properties, good elasticity and large compressive load. It has good flame resistance and good gas permeability. The chaotic sponge is a kind of sponge whose internal pores are similar to natural seaweeds of different sizes. It is characterized by good elasticity and excellent cushioning properties when compressed and rebounded.


Sofa padding

Down filling: Down it’s comfortable and small deformation for long-term use as sofa filling. The disadvantage is slow rebound and high cost. Generally, it’s used in high-grade sofas or suitable for cushions.


Artificial cotton padding: It’s soft and comfortable but features poor mechanical properties and small compression load. Cushion is its most suitable application.


The main points of the choice of sofa padding is paying attention to : depending on the type of the filling, there is a big difference in the use.