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Knowledge Of Sofa Construction And Material (1)
Sep 21, 2018

The origin of sofa dates back to ancient Egypt around 2000 BC, but the true soft-cloth sofa appeared in the late sixteenth to early seventeenth centuries. At that time,it mainly used natural elastic materials such as horsehair, bird feathers and plant fluff as fillers. It usually used fabrics such as velvet and embroidery as cover which can form a soft contact surface. After hundreds of years of development, sofa has become a essential living room furniture for home. If you want to buy a comfortable sofa, it is very important to understand the structure and materials of sofa.



Sofa consists of main frame, seating structure, cover and filler.There are two main types of sofa according to the frame.

Solid wood structure sofa- Due to the shortage of timber resources, hardwood drying technology, mortise and tenon connection technology and other technical difficulties,solid wood structure sofa is quite expensive and rare. Not mention its high value, environmental- friendly feature and long service life.


Board wood combination structure sofa- Its a structure that with wooden beam and upright support and combined with the nail structure plywood composite board. With low cost, simple manufacturing process, convenient molding and high manufacturing efficiency, this structure is a widely used structure currently. However, plywood has high formaldehyde content, which is likely to cause pollution and odor.


The sitting surface is the main supporting part of sofa. It is also the key part of sofa comfort and service life,especially for sofa bed. The seat structure of sofa mainly includes rubber bandages (good elasticity but short service life, easy to collapse), wooden flat plate (no elasticity, poor sitting feeling but long service life), snake-shaped steel spring (good elasticity, good sitting feeling, use) long life).