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How To Protect Your Walnut Furniture?
Aug 21, 2018

Walnut, as a quality of furniture materials, is not uncommon in our lives. Walnut furniture, made from walnut wood. Such wood is most common in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Walnut shape has its own characteristics and ornamental, it can be used to build chairs,tables,cabinets,doors,floors and other interior decoration, suitable for modern decoration style, American style decoration and so on.


1. Avoid direct sunlight. Although the winter sun is not violent in the summer, but the sun is exposed for a long time, the wood is too dry, prone to cracks and fading.

2. Regular maintenance. It is recommended to wax once a quarter, the furniture looks shiny and easy to clean.

3. Keep moist. Can not be wiped with a wet rag, you need to use professional care essential oils to prevent cracking of wood, while nourishing wood and prolonging the service life.


4. Do not be placed in a humid place, so as not to explode, and prolonged perishable.


5. To avoid hard objects scratched. Do not let the sharp object collide with the furniture when cleaning, so as to avoid the occurrence of hard injury and hanging wire.


6. Prevent dust. High-grade furniture is usually decorated with carved decorations, such as irregular cleaning, which is easy to affect the appearance, while allowing the furniture to quickly "get old."