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How To Match Your Modern Minimalist Furniture?
Sep 07, 2018

“Simple” has always been the pursuit of many people's lives. In our life, modern minimalist style furniture is popular all over the world. Buying a simple piece of furniture doesn't really mean you have realize minimalist, matching they is the key point the create your minimalist style home.

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The matching of dining room furniture

The furnishings of the dining room must be both beautiful and practical, picking some furniture casually and piling them up is not wise. Dining sets should be apply differently according to the  location of dining room. Dining set should be in harmony with the facilities in the kitchen if your dining room is in the kitchen. Dining set in the living room should be consistent with the function and style of the living room. If the dining room is independent, the layout can be more freely.


The matching of living room furniture

The furniture in the living room should be arranged according to the activities and functional of the room. The most basic and minimum requirement are a sofa set, a coffee table, and corresponding some equipment such as television, audio, books, audio-visual materials, beverages and utensils.


The matching of balcony furniture

In the current residence, almost every house has one or two balconies. Different houses have balconies at different size.Don't forget the balcony when finishing your home. Ventilation, lighting, cooling, drying clothes are some main functions of the balcony. But in addition to these, sitting and give you a space to enjoy some scenery is also an important potential function of the balcony. Putting some potted plants and flowers, set a coffee table set,then enjoy your life would be a good choice.