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How To Match Your Living Room Furniture?
Aug 31, 2018

Table is an indispensable practical piece of living room furniture. It has thousands kind of matching forms. For example, a small side table can be complemented by a thick large sofa. A dark coffee table can be combined some natural home style sofa to create a lighter and warmer feeling. A design-inspired, creative side table can be placed at home randomly without constraint. Of course, the material of the table is also an important factor affecting the overall. Here is a brief furniture collocation of table with different materials.


1.Glass coffee table

Through the light and shadow, the fluent line and transparent texture make the space feels bigger, rattan sofa, fabric sofa, wooden or leather sofa are all suitable for matching glass coffee table.

2.Wooden side table

Logs can make people feel warm. The simple solid wood coffee table matches the modern leather sofa or fabric sofa can easily  create a Nordic style feeling.As for the pure mahogany coffee table,which belongs to Chinese style.The same Chinese furniture is the perfect match.


3.Stone coffee table

The stone coffee table has a unique texture, which makes people feel the natural simplicity. It will be a good choice to place the marble coffee table in a large living room.Matching with luxurious leather sofas or highly textured fur furnishings will make add a sense of nobleness to the room.