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How To Maintain Your Fabric Sofa?
Aug 24, 2018

Sofa is an necessary piece of furniture around our home.Not only for rest, but also for the purpose of decorating and embellishing the living room environment. Therefore, people might pay more attention to the comfort and appearance when choosing a sofa. Among all kinds of sofas, the advantage of the fabric sofa is more prominent. Fabric is more skin-friendly and softer compare with leather and others.It can make people feel more comfortable.The color pattern is various,therefor the decorative effect is better.Besides,there are thousands of fabrics and the price are of large difference,so people can easily to find the ideal sofa.However,many people do not pay attention to the maintenance of sofa. 

How to maintain your fabric sofa.png

1. In daily life, you need to be careful not to expose the fabric sofa to long-term sunlight because the it is prone to fading problems under strong sunlight. Use curtains to cover at noon or when the sun is shining enough, so that it can be effectively protected from the sun.


2. In order to have good ventilation, people tend to keep doors and windows open. In this case, the fabric sofa is often contaminated by dust.Hence, it is recommended that the it should be clean thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner in a week or so.


3. If split seams and snagging are founded, the thread should be removed in time to avoid greater damage.


4. The cushion of the fabric sofa is advised to be turned over regularly to keep the wear on both sides of the cushion consistent. In this way,the sofa may look newer.At the same time, the sofa cushion should be tapped, so the sponge can keep fluffy and elastic.


5. Do not sit down on a fixed place, otherwise it will cause a serious wear and a more serious depression. The fabric sofa needs to be placed about a centimeter away from the wall.Therefore,it can be kept from rubbing against the wall even wear out.

6. If the fabric sofa is occupied by dirt,you need to pay special attention when cleaning.Common fabric like linen only need cleaning carefully by yourself. As for velvet or other high-grade fabrics, it is recommended to go to a professional washing place for dry cleaning.

fabric sofa.png


The above introduces the knowledge about how to maintain the fabric sofa. You can follow the above methods to take care of fabric sofa. This will definitely extend the life of it to the maximum extent. What needs to be reminded is that if sofa’s maintain is neglected, even if its quality is superior, its service life will be shortened.