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How To Lay The Bedroom Furniture (1)
Sep 11, 2018

The environment of the bedroom is directly related to the quality of our sleep, so a warm and comfortable environment is very important, the display of furniture will give us an intuitive feeling.When planing the bedroom furniture layout,style, color, size,all of these should be taken into consideration.Today we will introduce seven principles of bedroom furniture layout.


1. The bed should not be close to the glass window. Because the glass window gives people a sense of emptiness and no sense of the ground, there is no feeling of down-to-earth, which will affect the development of the cause and is quite unfavorable to our daily life.


2.The bedroom should not choose uneven furniture. Personalized furniture design is nothing new, but when choosing furniture, you should avoid uneven furniture, because unevenness means disharmony, and long-term residence is easy to make a mistake; and there are old people and children in the bedroom. More attention should be paid to furniture.


3.Bed and underground should not be too messy. This will affect the owner's luck, and the overall aesthetics will be poor, knowing that vision will affect our mood. If you stay in a messy environment for a long time, you will easily feel irritability, disgust, and other negative emotions. So pack your bedroom and give yourself a good mood. Good luck will come naturally.


4.The bedroom should not be placed on the bed. Green plants embellish the space to make the space more comfortable and comfortable, but the bed is not suitable for flowering, there is a saying that it is easy to make peach blossoms, especially in the couple's bedroom; and in general, the bedroom space is not empty, the green plants are also placed Not too much, simple and appropriate.