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How To Identify Genuine Leather Sofa
Sep 04, 2018

More and more customers buy genuine leather sofas from us.The leather sofa is not full leather, usually the area which contact with the human body is the real leather, the rest is the ingredient leather, but the color is very close to the front, so from the price point of view, if the whole sofa is composed of cortex, the price is higher.

So today our topic is how to identify genuine leather sofa.

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1. Look at the leather:The leather sofa which made of cowhide is soft and thick, and the quality is also the best. Today's sofas are generally made of buffalo leather, which is thicker and more affordable.

2. Look at the wood frame:You can lift the sofa by hand to feel the weight. If the sofa is made of packaging board and plywood, the weight is lighter, and the solid wood frame is heavier; you can also sit on the sofa and shake it from side to side to feel the level of firmness.

3.Look at the filler:Mainly refers to sponges, sponges are divided into three types according to elasticity: high elasticity, super softness and medium impact. The medium-splitting sponge is generally used as a backrest and armrest part, and the high-elastic and high-elastic super-soft sponge is used as a seat part. Now some merchants add a styling sponge or a styling gel material to stabilize the shape. In addition to consulting the salesperson about the type of filling, you also need to sit down and experience the comfort.