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How To Distinguish The Veneer Furniture And Solid Wood Furniture
Sep 26, 2018

With the increasing popularity of solid wood furniture, some unscrupulous merchants have also introduced solid wood veneer furniture, which looks the same as solid wood, but the price is relatively high. So what is the difference between this kind of furniture and solid wood furniture? How can we recognize it at a glance and avoid being cheated? Let's talk about it.


What is solid wood veneer furniture?

“Solid wood veneer furniture” means “the furniture made of solid wood timber or solid wood board but covered with solid wood veneer or thin wood veneer”.



What are the characteristics of solid wood veneer furniture?

Solid wood veneer furniture, some inside the core board is solid wood particle board (orientated particle board), MDF (density board), outside the solid wood skin (walnut, cherry wood, ebony, etc.) The inner core board is also a solid wood board (pine board, fir board, etc.). You should make it clear when purchasing. Solid wood veneer furniture is more suitable for dark furniture, classical, European style decoration. The general consumer gave feedback about the common cracking of the solid wood veneer. Usually, solid wood veneer furniture is indeed more affordable than solid wood furniture, but it depends on personal decoration positioning, decoration funds and so on.

How to distinguish solid wood furniture and solid wood veneer furniture?

1.There will be a certain gap thickness (about 0.5mm) between the two encountered adjacent interfaces when making solid wood veneer furniture. If you have a veneer solid wood table, you will find that every piece of veneer is attached separately on the turning, and the wood grain of the two interfaces should not be connected.


2. The wood rays of solid wood (looked like "needle") are clearly visible. And there will be some natural flaws, such as wood knots, wood spots, black lines, etc.


3. Generally, the connection of the wood grain at the junction of the solid wood furniture will appear as the natural connection between the longitudinal section and the cross section.


4. If you get big dimension of veneer solid wooden furniture, such as cabinet, wardrobe or other storage, you will see the natural color differences in the color, texture between the surface of solid wood furniture and solid wood veneer furniture.


5. If the texture, color and material of the solid wood are very good and the materials are excellent, then the furniture needs no veneer. Veneers often have the meaning of “facelifting”, which means to embellish the products with good color and material. In this case, the furniture will be more valuable.


In addition, there are sticker furniture on the market. Imported wood grain stickers do not have much different from the veneered furniture. Wood grain and wood rays are clearly visible. If it is imported high-grade paper, even wood flaws are made vividly. But it will show some difference with the real wood furniture.. Sticker furniture is easy to expose flaws at the corners.