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How to Distinguish Oak Wood And Rubber Wood?
Aug 30, 2018

Many people may prefer oak wood when they are buying furniture. However, most of them often can not distinguish the difference between oak wood and rubber wood. Luckily, this article is going to tell you some tips about how to make out the oak and rubber wood. 

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Difference in Price

The oak trees are rare in China, while the rubber trees are common to see. As the old saying goes that: When a thing is scarce, it is precious. So the oak wood is often more expensive than rubber wood in the market.


Difference in Functions And Features

Oak Wood

1) The heart of the oak tree is yellowish brown to reddish brown, the growth wheel is obvious, slightly wavy, heavy and hard;

2) The oak wood has fine wooden holes, clear wood rays, and a distinct mountain-shaped wood grain. When touching the surface, you will feel a good texture; 

3) The oak texture is firm. If you have oak wood tables, you will know that they have firm structure and long service life;

4) The oak wood is high-grade and suitable for making European furniture.


Rubber Wood

1) The color of the rubber wood is light yellow-brown, the annual rings are obvious, the wheel boundary is dark, and the hole is very small.

2) The rubber wood grain is not obvious, the trace of the wood grain is sporadic, the holes are thick, sparse, and the wood rays are meshed;

3) The Rubber wood’s density is lower than oak, the texture is relatively loose.

4) If some of your bedroom furniture is made by rubber wood, you will find that it has a sour smell, which is hard to deodorize. And for the big proportion of sugar in the components, rubber wood is easy to suffer from insects and decays.


Oak Wooden Furniture VS. Rubber Wooden Furniture

Oak Wood Furniture

The advantages are that the oak wood furniture has the attractive wood grain, the solid texture, the firm structure, and a long service life.

The disadvantages are that the oak wood resources are rare. If imported, the cost could be extremely expensive. And it's hard to evaporate the moisture inside due to the hard texture of oak. But if not having the moisture evaporated completely, the oak wood may begin to deform after about one year and a half.


Rubber Wood Furniture

The advantages are that the rubber wood furniture has the good source approachability, the trail of not prone to cracking, and the strong waterproof performance (which decrease the influence of the wet weather to the furniture like rubber wooden sofa legs and chairs ).

The disadvantages are that its wood texture is loose; the sour smell of rubber wood is hard to deodorize; it can cause skin allergy for those frail allergic people; and it is easy to attract insects and suffer decays.