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How To Decide The Style Of Home Decoration According To Furniture?
Oct 20, 2018

First, What is your living room style? According to the experience of most people, they learn these basic knowledge from newspapers and networks. What’s worst, they communicate with designers basing on the house plan instead of their favorite style, so designers do not understand the style you like. If you choose the furniture and then coordinate the decoration style, it will be  different. You can take the designer to look at your favorite furniture first, and tell the designer the size. Therefore, designers will design the home decoration in the light of the product you choose and the style you like. Finally, the whole home style uniform and achieve the satisfaction of the owners.


Second, in general, we will call the decoration company to finish small furniture such as shoe cabinets. However, the furniture which design on-site by the decoration company are too much emphasis on the use of functions, not necessarily in line with consumer expectations. If the furniture is customized before decorating, it will avoid similar troubles.


Three, save money, people who have decoration experience know that decoration expenses will generally exceed the budget. This is because there are often some unpredictable expenses in the process of decoration, such as some small furniture, so that not only consume labor and materials, but also the project will delay. As we all know, the cost of furniture accounts for a large proportion of the decoration. If the furniture is determined, the rest can be directly handed over to the decoration company to do, so that the cost of labor and materials, the trouble of longer construction period is ruled out.


Fourth, save time, you can choose the furniture while visiting the building materials shop and buying the one suitable for you. so you can reduce frequency of visiting to the building materials market. What needs to be explained here is that first order furniture and then decoration is not necessarily to buy furniture immediately, but to determine the style, color, size, shape, price can be, as for the specific brand can be slowly compared, until they find their own satisfactory products so far.