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How to Choose the Size of Sofa
Sep 05, 2018

Ge You slouching on a comfortable sofa, watching World Cup, eating ice watermelon and snacks, and enjoying air-conditioner. How wonderful a summer day!

The importance of sofa at home is evident. A comfortable sofa is the soul of the living room furniture, since it occupies the main position in your room and represents the personality of the home furnishing to a large extent. Furthermore, the sofa is the place where people spend a lot of time. So it's extremely important to choose the sofa in suitable size.

Generally, sofas are classified as single sofa, 2 seat sofas (aka love seat) and 3 seat sofas. And different sofa type is with different standard size.




Sofa Width

The width of a single sofa should not be less than 48cm, the width of a double sofa should be above 95cm, and the size of three-seat sofa should be between 140-145cm.


Note that the seat width refers to the length from the front edge of the seat to inside edge of the sofa's armrest. According to different sofa styles, the actual size can be moderately increased. The single sofa seat range is 510mm-650mm, the double sofa is 950mm-1150mm, and the three-seat sofa is1350mm-1650mm.


Sofa Height

It's better to choose a sofa with the height that is smaller than your calf's length. If the height of the sofa is too high, your back and legs will suffer sore and discomfort.


Luckily, here I will tell you a calculation formula if you don't know how to compare the height of the sofa and your calf:

Seat height = calf armpit height + foot height (heel height) + seat cushion sinking amount ± appropriate margin.


Sofa Seat Depth

If you knee joint is outside seat cushion when you are sitting, then the sofa's seat depth is suitable for you.


It seems to be an abstract judgement standard. Don't worry, here is a mathematical formula to help you understand:

Seat depth = thigh seat length - lumbar sinking length - knee gap ± appropriate margin


Now, have you known the ways on how to choose the suitable sofa for yourself?