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How To Choose Hotel Furniture?
Sep 14, 2018

Nowadays, hotel furniture design plays a vital role in the profitability of a hotel. Furniture is a very essential role in its style molding.The basic furniture of an hotel room are as follows: bed, writing-desk, cabinet, chaise lounge, coffee table, night stand, etc. When choosing hotel room furniture, you can start from the following aspects.


1. Material rationality

The surface materials of different hotel furniture are different. For example, the legs of tables, chairs, and sideboard should be have strong weight capacity while kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets cannot be made of fiberboard materials. Because the fiberboard will expand and damage when exposed to water, they should be made of plywood. Tables should be made of water-resistant materials.


2. Moisture content

The moisture content of hotel furniture must not exceed 12%. If the water content is high, the wood is easy to warp and deform. You can touch the bottom of the furniture or the place where there is no paint inside. If you feel the moisture, the furniture is failed . Another way is to sprinkle some water on the unpainted areas of the furniture wood. If there is no water immersion or if the immersion is slower, the moisture content is too high.


3. Structure stability

Small pieces of furniture, such as chairs, stools, hangers, etc., can be dragged on the concrete floor and throw gently, if the sound is crisp, the quality is good; if the sound is dumb, the structure is not strong. The desk and table can be shaken by hand to see if it is stable. The sofa can be sit to test its stability. Table or chair should have four triangular clips to strengthen its stability.



This point to figure it out whether it is flat is to put a piece of glass on it. If the table is raised, the glass plate will be rotated. If the table is recessed, the glass will be pressed and broken.


5. veneer fastness

It is necessary to pay attention to the jointing. Whether the it is flat, whether there is drum, foaming or not. Its recommend to check it through the sunlight,or you might ignore it.Sliced veneer is better than rotary cut veneer. The point to identify them is their texture. The cut veneers is straight and dense, and the rotary cut veneers is curved and sparse. For the furniture of the particleboard veneer, the part touching the ground must be edged, otherwise it will absorb moisture, swell and damage. Generally, the corners of the veneer furniture are easy to be tilted up. You can buckle the corners to find out whether it will up. If so, this one is not good.