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Fabric Sofa Structure
Oct 18, 2018

The inner frame of the sofa is a key structure for the shape and comfort of the sofa and the firmness of the sofa. From the selection of materials to the production of the inner frame, the design is strictly in accordance with professional design techniques and industry standards.

Inner frame wood: The inner frame wood is mainly made of high-grade hardwood (such as birch); all woods are baked at a high temperature of about 500 degrees, and the water content is 8-12%, fully compatible with China and exported. Standard.

Side panels: all are bound with 15mm thick splints.

The suspension device is mainly fixed at 90mm intervals with a serpentine spring and a bandage, and is fixed on the structural wood of the front and rear of the sofa, and at the bottom of the serpentine spring, with a 5mm positioning bandage at a distance of 150mm. The rows are fixed to the serpentine springs, so that the serpentine springs form a balanced and elastic mesh-like whole.


10.18fabric sofa structure

Serpentine spring

All springs are made of a long-lasting elastic serpentine steel strip with a diameter of 4 mm and the surface is sprayed with anti-rust treatment.

Folding U-shaped spring buckle

The U-shaped steel strip is fixed to the wooden end of the rear structure, which enhances the flexibility of the use of the serpentine spring, makes the overall elasticity of the sofa better, and is easy to install and maintain.

Positioning bandage

A 5MM bandage used to link a serpentine spring into a whole net.

Spring fixed button

A device that holds a serpentine spring

Folding silencer pad

A soft gasket for the elimination of friction.

Magic cloth

The magic cloth is the inner sleeve of the overall frame of the sofa, and is directly connected to the frame body.