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Dressing Up Your Living Room With Colorful Sofa(2)
Sep 28, 2018

Calm atmosphere green sofa

Green is a color that belongs to nature. Integrating green into the living room will undoubtedly bring a vitality to the living room. As a dark green, it is a good match in interior design. It won't jump like a bright color. Green is a calm color, which makes the room look very vivid.


The green sofa symbolizing life has the effect of reconciling the atmosphere of the living room.Besides,this summer shaded sofa is not only high-grade but also make people feel the back and waist can be stretched freely . After filling with a high-density sponge, the surface is covered with a layer of natural feathers, which increases the level of sitting experience.


Mature and sophisticated gray sofa

Gray is a neutral color, and different shades of gray will give people a different feeling. The middle gray is calm, and it is also a very advanced color. When the gray is blended into the living room,it will be natural and comfortable. It wont disobedience with any color.


The simple shape of this gray sofa can be combined and matched at will, and it can be integrated into many different home styles. And the inside is filled with a high density foam, which makes it have a dense and wide sitting feel.It is very comfortable to sit on. The soft functional fabric not only has a skin-friendly effect, but also has no irritation to the skin, and it is easy to take care of.


Calm and steady blue sofa

Blue represents a kind of calm and stability, and in the soft design, the blue application is quite extensive. However, due to the large footprint of the sofa, the blue sofa will affect the overall environment of the living room more or less.This sky blue sofa will make the room bright and full of fresh feeling. The visual effect is very good.


The blue sofa not only looks good in appearance, but also provides a comfortable and relaxing experience. The high-quality foam making the sofa soft and moderate. The overall fluffy and full. The fabric of the surface velvet is also soft and skin-friendly, and it feels good to touch.Sitting in it,you may feel in the clouds.


The living room is the most contacted color environment in people's life.The color composition of the space is a very complicated problem. It is usually influenced by the color contrast and usage. As long as you grasp the choice and match of the color of the furniture, you can both creating a warm atmosphere and living environment for people.