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Dressing Up Your Bay Window,A Suprising Corner Comes Along
Sep 14, 2018

Bay window is more and more common in modern homes, and its function is not limited to a viewing window. More often it will be built into a small meeting area, a bed, a study area or a storage space. With careful arrangement, bay windows will be a warm space of your home.

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1.Meeting area

Due to the limitation of the layout, some bay windows are irregular in shape. However, even the irregular bay window can have a beautiful design. In this case, a circle of card seats built along the bay window will be a nice sitting place. With eye-catching scenery and comfortable cushions  plus the coffee table and armchair, it becomes a beautiful small meeting area.



Bay window can sometimes be a good storage space. For example, the card holder under the window will be an excellent storage space. When it is made into a bookcase, the bay window becomes a comfortable reading space. It is convenient and practical to read by the sun. Or it can also made into sideboard to keep your stuff.



For families with large bay windows, try the tatami concept. A low table and two cushions will allow you to have a drink and enjoy life, quiet and comfortable.


4.Dining place

Beside tatami, the big bay window can also be decorated as a small dining place. Set a small dining table.With two dining chairs facing the window,a couple can enjoy romantic diner time. With four to six dining chairs ,it can be a warm and cozy eating and gathering place for small family or friends. It’s the same as ordinary dining room but more close.


5.Resting corner

The corner spot can't be wasted, even if it's a small window in the corner and stairs corner, it can have a different design. The function of storage and rest is indispensable, and the side mirror can also expand the space visually.


6.Meditation corner

Some house stairs are also designed with spacious bay windows. However, many families feel that it is useless and there is no use except for viewing. In fact, as long as the window of the stairwell is carefully dressed up, it is a unusual quiet corner for meditation and thinking about life.


An inconspicuous bay window is also part of the home. When you need it,  open the curtains ,you will have a nice place to rest. There wont have anything can nicer that chatting with friends and drinking tea at there in a warm afternoon.