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Does Furniture Have Shelf Life?
Oct 19, 2018

In recent years, news of accidents such as lifting seats and tempered glass breaks and hurting people have been commonplace. Does the furniture have its own "shelf life" like food? Certainly yes. Old-fashioned furniture can be used for hundreds of years. However, modern furniture with different material and production process has different serve life. 

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Solid wood furniture(Dining Room Chairs Fabric Cushion)

Solid wood furniture generally has longest serve life. If used properly, some good quality solid wood furniture can be a heirloom. We should pay attention that four legs need to balance the ground when placing it. If there is shaking or the ground is uneven, the tenon or the fastener will fall off and the adhesive part will crack. Once the tenon structure is loosened, it is necessary to  be repaired in time, otherwise it may fall apart.


panel-type furniture (End Table On Wheel With Drawer)

Panel furniture is furniture that made from composite board such as medium density board, particle board and others. It is stable and not easy to deform. It can be used more than 10 years if being taken good of. The most vulnerable parts of panel-type furniture are hardware. Keeping some accessories to replace time to time can expend their serve life.


Upholstered furniture(Latest Corner Sofa Sofa Set 7 Seater Modern Corner Sofa)

Upholstered furniture is most common as fabric sofas and chairs. Keep away from direct sunlight when using this type of furniture.Excessive use time, in addition to aesthetic problems, will cause dust mites and its not easy to clean. Therefore, it is recommended that the soft furniture be thoroughly cleaned after five or six years.


Tempered glass furniture(Living Room Furniture Metal Tempered Glass Coffee Table)

Furniture with tempered glass surface like coffee table, TV cabinet and etc. Should avoid excessive pressure. When placing, it is necessary to avoid unevenness. If there are cracks on the surface or bumps in the corners, do not continue to use them for safety consideration.


Plastic furniture(William Ghost Clear Dining Table)

Plastic furniture wins light weight, cheap and affordable. Plastics have a shorter life span than wood. Aging problems usually occur in two or three years. Plastic aging is generally more obvious, such as hardening, brittleness, discoloration, cracking, and poor performance. Be careful to avoid sun exposure, keep away from heating objects such as heating and stoves, and do not always touch water or oil during usage.