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Do You Know The Common Sofa Size?
Oct 17, 2018

The sofa is one of the must-have furniture in our home life. When buying a sofa, we must have a certain understanding of the size of the sofa.



The size of the sofa is mainly divided into three categories. The first type is a single sofa. The size of a single sofa is generally as follows: length: 800-950 mm, depth: 850-900 mm; seat height: 350-420 mm; back height: 700-900 mm. The second type is a double sofa. The size of the double sofa is generally: length: 1260-1500mm; depth: 800-900mm; seat height: 400mm. The third type is a three-seat sofa. The size of a three-seat sofa is generally: length: 1750-1960mm, depth: 800-900mm.


The size of the Duke of Windsor European classical single sofa is generally: 1150*920*1120mm. The size of this type of sofa matches the curve of the human body, giving you an infinitely comfortable sitting and lying feeling. The size of the fashion casual single-person European leather sofa is generally: 1070*960*1110mm. Exquisite workmanship, gorgeous colors, not only bring you comfort and enjoyment, but also an artistic treasure that makes you pleasing.


The height of the sofa bed is between 35 and 42 cm, which is about the same length as a person's calf. The height of the seat is too high or too low, which is not conducive to the relaxation of the human muscles. It is easy to suffer from backache and leg pain when sitting for a long time. So this height is just right, sitting very comfortable and relaxed.


The width of the sofa bed is suitably between 48 and 65 cm. Of course, the widest width now reaches 85 cm. When people lean on the back of the sofa as much as possible, the knees should be outside the seat. The height of the backrest of the sofa bed should be between 68 and 72. In this range, the human body feels the most comfortable.