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Common Classification Of European Furniture Style
Aug 30, 2018

European style decoration has become the choice of more and more people who are pursuing taste. Even if they can't decorate the European style as a whole, some families like to buy two exotic furniture at home like sofa,sofa chair and so on. European furniture generally refers to European classical furniture or European neoclassical furniture.European classical furniture used to be dedicated to European aristocrats. The products are high-end style, noble and elegant, and blended into the strong European classical culture, which has become a classic.


European classical style

This is a classic that pursues gorgeous and elegant. In order to reflect the gorgeous style, the velvet parts of the furniture frame are decorated with gold thread, gold rim, wall paper, carpet, curtains, bedspreads, enamel patterns and decorative paintings or objects. This style is characterized by gorgeousness and elegance. If residents don't want to spend too much, they may spend more time on the patterns of wallpapers, carpets, curtains and bedspreads, and strive to achieve coordination between various furnishings and decorations. You can add some classic jewelry on the wall, such as yak head, Western clock, etc., which can make your living room more elegant and beautiful.

European classical style.png

Nordic style and American style

Mainly refers to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, looking at the design of the four Nordic countries, it is indeed a unique landscape in the world of home, the Nordic home returns to nature, advocating the charm of the wood, plus modern, practical, exquisite art design style, reflecting the modern Another direction of thinking after urban people enter postmodern society. American furniture places special emphasis on comfort, style, practicality and versatility. From the perspective of modeling, American furniture can be divided into three categories: antique, neo-classical and rustic style. Nostalgia, romance and respect for time are the best reviews of American furniture.

Nordic style and American style.png

Postmodern style

Breaking through the confined and simple limitations of the modernists, we advocate the compatibility of wells, regardless of the ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, all that can meet the needs of living and living. The interior design of the post-modern style is very complicated. The use of partition walls, screens, pillars or fireplaces is often used to create a sense of layering in the space, so that the living room is not planned, the boundaries are vague, and the thin columns and partition walls are used to form the sense of infinity and depth of the space. In addition, the walls are often treated with waves of various angles to form a metaphorical symbol of the living room decoration.

Postmodern style.png