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Coffee Tables That Convert Into Dining Tables
Jul 02, 2018

For the ultimate in space-saving solutions, consider getting yourself a coffee table that can convert into a dining table. It sounds like a simple idea, but it’s surprisingly effective at opening up more space in your living room or dining room. It’s especially useful for studio apartments or places with little to no space. Space-saving ideas usually come in the form of multi-functional pieces of furniture, and they’re best used when you can easily switch between the different functions.

A coffee table that can convert itself into a dining table will give you plenty of extra space, but there are plenty more advantages that might not seem obvious at first. To give you an idea of how convenient and useful a convertible table is, we’ve broken down the main points into easy-to-digest points.


  • Save lots of space in your home - One of the best things about transforming furniture such as a convertible coffee table is that you save plenty of space in your home. Just think of how much space a coffee table or a dining table take, then imagine completely removing one of them from your home. It doesn’t take long to convert the table and it gives you so much more space to use.

  • More functionality in a small home - Having convertible furniture enables you to add more functionality to a small home. For example, maybe you could convert your living room into a dining/living room combo. Making better use of your space is one of the key things to remember when living in a small home.

  • Better value for your money - Instead of buying both a dining table and a coffee table, you can save loads of money by getting just a single convertible coffee/dining table combination. You also won’t be paying a premium for making it convertible since they’re not as expensive as one might think!

  • Easily adjust to guests - Guest coming over for dinner? Quick, convert the coffee table into a dining table! Friends want to come over for movie night? Easy! We can just turn the dining table into a coffee table for pizza and snacks! With so much functionality in a single item, you’ll be prepared for loved ones and guests no matter what they’re coming over for.

  • Learning to live with less - Living with convertible furniture means you’ll be able to live with less. Whether it’s a frugal style you’re pursuing or if you just want to own fewer things, buying a convertible coffee/dining table is a great start to a new way of living!

With so many advantages offered by a coffee table, there’s really no reason not to pick one up for yourself! They’re inexpensive, full of functionality, easy to operate and sturdy in both modes. You can ditch your static coffee and dining tables and just replace it with a single solution that will save you money, space and embarrassment when guests come over!