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Coffee Table For A Small Living Room
Jul 02, 2018

When you only have a small living roomm, it can be tough to get everyone sitting comfortably. In addition to seating for however many people live in your home, plus maybe extra for guests, you also need to think about what other furniture is necessary for a living room that's cosy but not too cosy. One of the most important pieces of furniture for any living room is the coffee table. There's nothing better than having a cup of tea or coffee as you relax on the sofa, but you need somewhere to put your drink. Coffee tables are handy for a variety of other things too, from books and magazines to various remote controls. But when you only have a small amount of space available, you need to choose the best table.


Multifunctional Coffee Tables

When you have limited space to work with, it's always best to try and make use of furniture that does more than one thing. The best way to do this is usually to have extra storage hidden within your furniture, which is easy if you're looking for a coffee table. Many coffee tables have storage underneath them in the form of a shelf or drawers, or perhaps even inside them, under the tabletop. Our coffee tables offer a number of options if you want a table with storage, from the Flocons wooden table with two drawers to the oval Cohen glass table.

Coffee Table Sizes

Of course, there are different sizes you can browse too. You might want to take up as little space as possible, or perhaps you have a bit more room available. Our small and compact coffee tables include products like the Aiden Wooden Coffee Table, which comes in pine white and stone grey with Navarra oak. Choose the simple and rustic Albion table, which is just 90cm wide, with sturdy iron legs and a warm feeling to add to your home.

Different Shapes to Choose

Selecting the right shape for your coffee table can make a big difference too if you're trying to save space. You might consider traditional shapes like rectangles and ovals, but there are also others to consider. The shape you choose can help you make the most out of your coffee table. It's not just the tabletop that matters, but the base too. A coffee table with slim legs can leave space underneath that you can use for storage or slide a footstool underneath it. Or what about something truly unusual, like our Donatella Swivelling Glass Coffee Table?

Coffee Table Materials

Although it doesn't necessarily affect the size of your coffee table, you can still think about the materials and style. A marble or stone coffee table can be pretty bulky, although they can also be more delicate too. Glass coffee tables can give the illusion of more space because you can see through them. So if you don't want to limit the size of your table too much, but you still want to maximise the space you have, you might consider a glass tabletop. Small living rooms don't have to be a barrier to getting a beautiful coffee table. You can still find one that's the perfect size and style.