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Basic Knowledge About Furniture (2)
Oct 24, 2018

Third, solid wood furniture

Solid wood furniture is the main material of solid wood furniture. China's solid wood furniture industry is currently in good development. The Zhiyan Data Research Center shows that with the continuous expansion of China's solid wood furniture industry, China's solid wood furniture industry will usher in a new development opportunity.


1. The advantages of solid wood furniture


Strong environmental protection trait;

Beautiful craft

Comfortable and warm;


2. The disadvantages of solid wood furniture

The main problem of solid wood furniture is that the change of water content inside makes it easy to deform. The solid wood furniture (such as the wooden chairs, sofas, sideboard, etc) will be affected by the surrounding environment and change the water content inside, which will lead to deformation and cracking of the furniture.


Therefore, the direct sunlight is not suggested, and the indoor temperature should not be too high or too low, and the too dry and humid environment is not suitable for solid wood furniture. In addition, the combination of components of solid wood furniture usually adopts enamel structure and adhesive, and the finished product is generally not removable since the handling is inconvenient.


sofa living room scene

3. Common solid wood furniture wood type

Fraxinus mandshurica: its tree is slightly hard, straight texture, thick structure, beautiful pattern, good corrosion resistance, good water resistance, easy to process but not easy to dry, great toughness, good adhesion, paint, coloring performance, good decoration Performance is the current use of wood for furniture and interior decoration.


Elm: Its wood ratio is heavy, its texture is hard, its shrinkage is high, and its strength is high. The structure is compact, not easy to be sawed, the cutting surface is smooth, easy to crack, warp and deformation, and not easy to dry. It is resistant to moisture and abrasion, is not easy to bond, and has good colorability. At present, decorative wood flooring is used more.

Toon: Its wood has aroma and can prevent corrosion and insects. The material is slightly light, not easy to be deformed, easy to process, smooth cut surface, shiny, good durability and good bonding performance. The color is beautiful after painting.


White birch: its material is slightly heavy and hard, the structure is meticulous, the mechanical strength is strong, and it is elastic. It is easy to warp and dry during the drying process, and has good bonding performance and smooth cutting surface. Poor corrosion resistance and good paint performance.


Birch: Produced in northeastern China, the wood is fine and pale yellowish, and the fiber has poor shear resistance, which is easy to “Qiqiu”. Its roots and knots are multi-patterned. The ancients often used it as a door core decoration. Its bark is flexible and beautiful. Pu people have great feelings for this, often inlaid with scabbards and bows. Only the wood is juicy, and after the material is deformed, it is rare to see all the tables and chairs made of birch.


Walnut wood: Shanxi Luliang, Taihang Ershan is rich in walnuts. Walnut wood is the finest material for Jin to make furniture. It has a hardwood-like luster, its texture is fine and asexual, easy to engrave, and its color is gray and soft. Its products are both in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, most of which are superior. Available for storage. Its wood features only fine-like needle-like brown eyes and a light yellow filament-like annual ring. Weight and eucalyptus.