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3 Features Of Velvet Sofa
Oct 09, 2018

Some people say that the leather art sofa is better than the fabric sofa. Compared with leather sofas and fabric sofas, it is relatively cheap and hot. In winter, don't feel like a leather sofa. In recent years, the author has designed the fabric sofa to have an extraordinary charm. The family in the fabric sofa, silk and burlap, flannel and other wear-resistant cloth, but in the winter, the protagonist is only one, that is the fabric sofa of the flannel fabric, using it to make the product not only looks heavy, heavy, blowing natural, Simple style; if you add a little silk and ingredients, elegance, luxury, gorgeous feeling.


1.The curved arc shape emphasizes the detail design, the soft lines and the story decoration theme, which is based on nature and the color matching is just right, which makes the whole room full of rich classical atmosphere.Detailed description: The exquisite carving of the sofa is a symbol of nobleness, mainly in dark tones, indicating the firm and mature character of the user and the connotation of life, presenting a beautiful artistic position.

2.The sofa is simple and elegant, with smooth lines and beautiful beauty. It is a rare household daily necessities, adding a touch of fashion and beauty to your home life with its understated luxury style.The style of the furniture is unique, with a unique romantic atmosphere of French furniture. It is harmonious and natural with the elegant lotus white, which is the embodiment of your perfect life.

3.The bright colors and gentle materials show the atmosphere of low-carbon logs, and the gorgeous feelings are coming. The unique gold-plated process, pure gold foil wrapped on the wood grain, retaining the original pattern texture, while the color is calm and soft.