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How to Match Furniture Color
Nov 05, 2018

Nowadays people's quality of life is constantly improving, and there is a new perspective on the color matching of furniture. How do the furniture colors match well, and what color is the furniture popular now? Let's take a look at it.


1, the living room furniture color matching


The color of the furniture in the living room can be combined with the floor, wall and the like. The common matching mode is that the color of the furniture is the same as the color of the living room floor, similar or opposite. For example, a brown sofa with a brown floor makes the living room look harmonious. In addition, if the floor is warm, the furniture color can be light-colored; the floor is medium-tone, and the furniture color can be mainly dark.


2, bedroom furniture color matching

The bedroom is a place to rest, the atmosphere should be warm and peaceful, to create such an environment, in the color matching of furniture, you can use a uniform color, such as European style bedroom, you can choose white furniture; Chinese style bedroom, you can Choose red furniture; American-style bedrooms, brown furniture, this unity makes the bedroom look cleaner and more comfortable.


3, restaurant furniture color matching


For the color matching of restaurant furniture, the best colors are brown, brown, apricot and other warm colors, these colors can make people and minds calm, increase the appetite when dining, other colors such as gray, purple and other colors of furniture, should Avoiding use in restaurants can have the opposite effect.


4, kitchen furniture color matching


The most important furniture in the kitchen is the cabinet. The color of the cabinet can reflect the main style of the kitchen. In the kitchen, the lighter colors are used. The red, yellow, green and blue are more active, suitable for a pleasant cooking atmosphere. The kitchen will feel neat and clean, provided that the cleaning is relatively clean.