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Coffee table purchase
Jun 04, 2018

safe question

The coffee table is usually placed in the living room, living room, etc., which often move around, so handle the edges and corners of the coffee table well. When selecting, try to choose a more rounded coffee table.

Color shade

Metal-to-glass coffee tables can give people a sense of brightness and have a visual effect of expanding space; while a calm, dark-dark wooden coffee table is suitable for larger classical spaces. Therefore, the selection of the coffee table can be determined by the interior environment of the home so that the living room can give people a sense of harmony.

size of space

The space size is based on the size and shape of the coffee table. If the space is small, an oval small coffee table is preferred, and the soft styling makes the space appear relaxed without feeling of sympathy. If the space is too small, the magnified coffee table will obviously not be suitable, and it will appear that the coffee table has an overwhelming influence; if a large space is used to place a small coffee table, the coffee table will appear insignificant. Generally speaking, in a relatively small living room, a movable coffee table with a simple shape can be placed, or a curve-shaped coffee table can be used, which can make the space appear relaxed without feeling of consolation. In addition, the size of the coffee table should not be too large, the color should not be too deep, and the novel style is the best choice in a small space. At the same time, the storage function is very strong, or can adjust the size of the coffee table, but also the best choice for small space.