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  • How to Identify a Good Sofa
    What is the standard for a good furniture? Some people say that they must be novel in design, some say that they must be safe and environmentally friendly, and some people say that they must be comfortable first... The needs of consumers are different, and the positioning of good products is different. However, in the face of the difficult consumer market, there are still some invariable laws, that is, no matter how the consumer demand changes, the change must be two words - "quality."
  • Outdoor Leisure Rattan Sofa Unique Charm
    People love to find a sui generis, casual but yet exquisite and comfortable lifestyle, and even want to make their home a unique and comfortable environment. If you want to add a few lounge chairs or sofas to your home garden, terrace or pool, you can choose from a stylish and comfortable casual rattan sofa.
  • Free tips for buying panel furniture
    Office furniture is an important part of modern office. Nowadays, the most popular type of office furniture is undoubtedly the plate office furniture.
  • What If White Furniture Turn Yellow?
    White make people feel clean and comfortable, it is the most classic color in the home decoration. We all like to buy white furniture. However, it is easy to go yellow after a long time. Would it possible to keep white furniture as clean as new? Today Jvens furniture will teach you a few tricks to eliminate the yellowing of white furniture easily!
  • How to Match Furniture Color
    How do the furniture colors match well, and what color is the furniture popular now?
  • Hotel furniture maintenance method
    To prevent dust. The relatively high-grade log hotel furniture that is usually made of mahogany, teak, oak, walnut, etc., is exquisitely carved and decorated.
  • Hotel furniture category classification
    Hotel business suite hotel room furniture in accordance with the different room specifications are divided into standard suite furniture, business suite furniture, presidential suite furniture. The focus here is on hotel room furniture, which has the heaviest proportion of hotel furniture.
  • Hotel furniture decontamination method
    the soap cleaning method Every time, the wooden hotel furniture should be cleaned once, when washing with a soft rag or sponge to scrub with warm soapy water, after drying, then use furniture wax brush to make it bright .
  • Hotel furniture
    Hotel furniture supporting hotel furniture, is a hotel engineering project, hotel project design and indoor environment supporting design, need to directly consider the harmony of indoor functions and the environment.
  • Coffee table purchase
    The coffee table is usually placed in the living room, living room, etc., which often move around, so handle the edges and corners of the coffee table well. When selecting, try to choose a more rounded coffee table.
  • Coffee table classification
    Really play a smart and practical effect of energy saving. The tea table board is polished with high quality natural stone. The overall noble and generous, safer and more practical.
  • Tea table characteristics
    Each color is provided with the same color glue, the plate can be seamless stitching, processing (using woodworking tools can be processed, can use a mixed construction method, easy to burn all kinds of lace), good repairability (defects can be repaired, poor construction Can be reorganized);
  • Coffee table
    The coffee table is generally divided into two types, square and rectangular, and the height is equal to the armrest of the armchair. Usually, a coffee table is sandwiched between two chairs for putting a cup and saucer, hence the name of the coffee table.
  • Dining chair maintenance
    If the surface of the dinette is stained, do not rub it hard. Use warm tea water to gently remove the stain. After the water evaporates, apply a light wax to the original part, and then lightly rub it several times to form a protective film.
  • Dining chair classification
    According to the use of the dining chair, it can be divided into: Chinese Dining Chair, Western Dining Chair, Coffee Chair, Fast Food Chair, Bar Chair, Office Chair and so on.
  • Dining chair
    According to the use of the dining chair, it can be divided into: Chinese Dining Chair, Western Dining Chair, Coffee Chair, Fast Food Chair, Bar Chair, Office Chair and so on.